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Case Study

João Ribeiro
Marketing Manager


“Our partnership with Blisq has been an authentic success story. Among many other factors, we highlight the friendliness, availability and professionalism of the entire team that has supported us over the years.Completely overhauling our image was not an easy task, but the challenge was tackled head on by the agency, adopting a positive attitude until we achieved the result that can be seen today. We surpassed every challenge that cropped up until attaining our final goal.”

Lucía López Bayo
Communication Manager

Cafés Candelas

“We chose Blisq as our Communication agency because it provides us with practical and up-to-date solutions to enhance the visibility of our brand in Portugal.  It now enjoys greater online presence.  They offer us a broad view of trends in communication and marketing in the Portuguese market.  We are very pleased with all the initiatives they have implemented on social networks and are happy to continue working with Blisq to improve our brand position.”

André Esteves
Triauto CEO

Volvo in Viana do Castelo and Vila do Conde

“We are talking about 6 years of excellent experience, understanding our needs and showing flexibility during the usual urgency of the work at hand. Alongside Blisq we have managed to obtain the expected results, in a practical, simple and effective way. As we represent a brand with directives stipulated by the “parent company”, Blisq has helped us tailor all the campaigns and adjustments to our local reality.”

Juliana Pedro

Centro de Genética da Reprodução Prof. Alberto Barros

“A estratégia de comunicação proposta pela Blisq permitiu-nos estar mais presentes no mundo digital, proporcionando uma maior e objectiva divulgação do trabalho realizado no Centro de Genética da Reprodução. Destacamos a relação caracterizada por uma comunicação clara e informal que tem proporcionado um trabalho de qualidade, com excelentes resultados. A disponibilidade da equipa e feedback de todo o trabalho desenvolvido são características que valorizamos na experiência com a Blisq.”


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